This is partly due to the fact that the Netherlands has a caretaker government. As a result, important policy dossiers are at a standstill until the elected parties succeed in forming a new coalition. In some cases, the Ombudsman for Children even sees the situation taking a turn for the worse.

For example, the situation regarding access to specialist forms of youth care is becoming even more urgent. For standard types of youth care, there is talk of a crisis due to the length of the waiting lists. There are also still concerns about the availability of assistance to children growing up in poverty.

The COVID-19 pandemic also plays a major role in our concerns. For example, the measures that are taken in tackling COVID-19 are having a particular impact on the educational position of vulnerable young people. This group is also experiencing psychological problems. Finally, the Ombudsman for Children is increasingly concerned about the situation of children with links to the Netherlands in Syrian refugee camps.

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